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How Can Athletes Afford the School of their Dreams?

October 12, 2023

Brooke Kruhm

Scholarships for college athletes can be harder to come by and more competitive than academic scholarships.

It’s important to point out that the biggest scholarships will go to the top athletes in each sport because coaches will almost always award those. If you are an athlete with a lot of talent and drive, don’t despair—there’s still hope! Often, athletic scholarships are smaller than academic ones because they’re typically awarded by coaches rather than by admissions officers (who oversee academic scholarships). Because there are fewer athletic scholarships and they’re based on athletic ability as well as academics, this can make them more competitive and harder to come by. On the other hand, it’s often easier to get an academic scholarship than an athletic one, since there are way more of them up for grabs. So if you want to pursue college athletics but you know your grades aren’t super competitive academically, an admission-based scholarship could be another good option for you.

So now that you know what kinds of financial aid can be available for college athletes, let’s talk about how ASM aims to help.

There are athletic scholarships available for both men and women.

It is no secret that a majority of scholarships are awarded to male athletes. According to the most recent statistics, men receive 88% of all athletic scholarships and women only receive 12%. The number of scholarships available for female athletes is not what is considered “equal”, but there are definitely opportunities out there that you should consider if you are an aspiring female athlete.

Even though the total value of these scholarships varies greatly depending on the sport, women’s sports tend to be less financially rewarding than men’s sports. However, if you want to play college sports and earn money for doing so, then it might be worth looking into some scholarship options for women since many programs do offer them.

We know how hard it can be for any athlete in high school trying to pay their way through college with limited resources – especially since we were once in your shoes ourselves! And as former athletes ourselves we also understand how much work goes into playing at a high level while maintaining good grades so don’t feel discouraged by this statistic because there are some great opportunities out there just waiting to be found by deserving young women like yourself!

Athletic scholarship offers can vary from school to school and from athlete to athlete.

Athletic scholarship offers can vary from school to school and from athlete to athlete. Some schools offer better financial packages than others. Some athletes with more experience, skill, or popularity are offered a greater scholarship than their peers. That’s why it’s important for student-athletes not just to consider the offer that’s on the table, but also to do some investigating of their own about potential scholarships, as well as other programs that could be available to you at different schools.

It is possible for students and/or parents to negotiate athletic scholarships with coaches after an initial offer has been made in order to get the best possible deal at a particular university. A coach who really wants you on his team is likely willing to make a deal with you in order to secure your spot on the squad. Want us to contact coaches for you? Reach out to us here.

If you’re offered an athletic scholarship, it’s important to understand what it covers.

If an athletic scholarship is in the cards for you, it’s important to know what it covers. For example, academic scholarships can cover tuition and fees only or they could also include room and board and books. However, most athletic scholarship offer letters are a bit different. We’ve talked with hundreds of coaches over the years who tell us that their athletic scholarship offers cover tuition, room and board, and books. This is great news! It means that your parents won’t be footing a bill (or at least as much of a bill) as they would if you were getting an academic scholarship.

Secondly, another thing to look for when looking at your offer letter is to see if your athletic scholarship will be renewed annually based on performance—on the field, in the classroom, and in practice. The best part about this? Coaches tend to take into consideration personal circumstances like injuries and other situations beyond your control when determining whether or not to renew your athletic scholarship—so long as you have been doing everything else well including attending class regularly and performing academically at an adequate level.

Lastly, some athletic scholarships are full scholarships while others are partial scholarships—meaning that you will receive financial support from both the school’s athletics department as well as from outside sources including one of our participating schools (click here for a list). Getting any amount of help paying for college should be considered a blessing!

There are pros and cons to playing sports in college.

Players of every sport could benefit from a college education that includes an athletic scholarship. There are numerous benefits of playing sports in college, and anyone who plays a sport in high school will find plenty to like about the experience upon moving on to college. Of course, nobody forces players to take up a sport at a young age, so the decision should never be made out of obligation. The truth is that there are real advantages to being involved in sports throughout your childhood and even into adulthood; whether you play competitively or just enjoy participating occasionally, sports can bring you closer to others and help you develop skills that might not have been taught at school. In addition to these benefits, athletic scholarships give students access to many other opportunities. Athletes can also apply for these scholarships toward their bachelor’s degrees because they can use them as needed or as part of need-based aid packages provided by universities throughout the country. Want to read more about how ASM has helped athletes? Check out their experiences here.

Athletic scholarships can also help with the cost of college if you’re offered one at one school but would rather go to another.

You can transfer athletic scholarships to other schools. But you must be careful because it is possible to lose a scholarship or have its amount reduced. It’s important that athletes understand the risks and challenges of transferring an athletic scholarship before they take any steps toward doing so.

Athletic scholarships are tied to specific sports at specific universities, but it is possible for one school to release a player from his or her agreement with that university and allow him or her to play elsewhere. It’s called a “release letter,” and when obtained, it means the athlete can play somewhere else without having to pay back the original school for their time there (this is only true if the school didn’t pay for anything; if they did, then remaining money plus interest will be owed).

There are several reasons why a school may choose to give back an athlete after signing them: if their coach changes, for example, if they feel like the athlete isn’t going to work out on their team as well as expected, or just because someone better comes along at some point later down the line. There’s also always a chance that something unexpected happens during the season which prompts the coach to make a drastic decision about a player; this could be anything from being involved in a controversial situation off-field (on-field issues tend not to result in immediate dismissal) all way up getting injured very badly playing the game. If you’re worried about losing your scholarship because of anything like this happening while you’re on the team at University A (in case they decide to release you), there are certain protective measures can take to prevent it from happening too early—and still keep playing sport with another team/school who accepts transfer offer–which leads us into next point: how do get transfer offer?

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