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What coaches are looking for in a recruit

October 18, 2023

Sam Smith

At ASM Scholarships one of our most common questions from potential collegiate student-athletes is, “What is a coach looking for in a new recruit?” Luckily for us, we have a team of former collegiate coaches who know exactly what teams are looking for. We are in contact with coaches daily to gather the most information for our athletes and get them the highest offers.

College coaches have a long list of factors when choosing a new recruit. The top four most important things are as follows.
1. What is the athlete like?
2. Is the athlete a good fit for the school?
3. Is the athlete a good fit for the team?
4. Is the athlete a good fit for the coach?

In addition, coaches also want to know what is the potential of the student-athlete. Do they have the athletic ability to play at the collegiate level? Can they play at the junior college level, the NAIA, NCAA DIII, or NCAA DII, or NCAA DI? Do they just want to be a superstar? Also important to coaches is whether or not the recruit is a good student. Do they have high marks in school? Are their grades consistent? Have they taken the right classes to get into college? Social skills are extremely important to college coaches. Is the recruit too shy, or are they outgoing leaders? Do they take well to constructive criticism, and are they teachable?

Equally important to coaches is what is the recruit’s personality? Do they follow directions? Are they good listeners? Are they a negative influence on their current team or do they bring joy?

Moreover, coaches are looking to see if the recruit is prepared? How much do they know about the school, the coach, the team, the sport, other players, and/or the school’s history?
Finally, what kind of person are they? Coaches want good students and good athletes, good people, team players, and good citizens. After realizing all that coaches are looking for, what are you planning to do?

In conclusion, you should make a list. Create a checklist for yourself and make sure that you can hit all of the points that coaches are looking for listed above. Need help? Th’s why we are here! Reach out to one of our qualified Athlete Consultants who can get you on the right track to get noticed by college coaches.

Start your journey today.

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